We’ll Be Okay, -Transcript of The Fault In Our Stars

Things have not been easy for us lately

But I’m proud of us for holding on
For working together to make it through this

I know we’ll be okay in the end
And I hope you believe that, too
Because no matter how hard things become at times
It’s only a part of any relationship
And I believe it will make us stronger
Bring us closer together
And solidify our love for one another

We’ll be okay,
Because our love is strong

Remember, I really do love you.







From, http://www.thepoetrypad.com/love-poems/marriage-poems/well-be-okay

(not mine)




Relationships; Miss plan b

I’ve been dying to talk about her…., plan b (that’s what I’ll call her).

Plan b, has different names to different people. To me, she’s the bitch my partner  hits up when we are in conflict or fray. Now, do I like her,  no!  I loathe her. Come to think of it, I resent the idea.

Plan b however knows her place, the smart one anyway. She’s not a mistress or the side chick until sex is involved. If and when sex is involved, she crosses to side chick.

I do not have a plan b or a side chick, reason being, I don’t need one. My partner is my everything. Plan b’s tend to be distractions and quite easily lure you into having a side chick which leads to complications and eventually a breakup. Sometimes,  rarely really, it could lead to an amazing friendship and maybe even blossom into a great relationship. Remember I said rarely!

This plan b person, I wonder, do they know their place and do they like that place?  I know I wouldn’t!

I’m a queen, I like to be seen as one, and demand to be treated as one too. I am unapologetic about that!

Back to plan b, see, you’re a secret, a joke here and there, if you were worth it, you would be the main one. You have refused to own your value and so you remain plan b. I know, I know I’m abit blunt,  I’m a Sagittarius.

Plan b’s run across the board in all kinds of relationships, be it hetero or homosexual. 

I really don’t know about you but I don’t want to die not having lived a fulfilled life, that means having relationships that make me happy, a partner that adores me as I her. I want more love and more friends. I don’t need a plan b and Neither do you. 

You need a relationship that needs no plan b.

​Stevie Boebi – Lesbian Third Wheel (ft Bria and Chrissy)

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I don’t usually show off my tattoos 


Nothing can beat a back full of angels and jungles and arms covered in stories and memories
I think they make me look
Edgy, dangerous,
And maybe just a tad sexy


The Jehovah’s Witness or an Imam or a Priest at the bus stop
Finds it an interesting conversation starter
On the dangers of practicing witchcraft


Unconditional love

Its just the closeness to skin that aroused  her.

its the  scent of her skin, her lotion, her perfume  she  craves.

the more she talked, her lips moved,  she so hungrily wanted to devour.

her petal  soft skin , so tempted  to touch.


when  she smiles……….. it melts your heart…

when she  laughs,  you follow suit!



You  never want to know  what it feels like to not have her with you, to see her beautiful face, to smell and feel her skin, or even to kiss her and make love to her.

so, you hold on to her a little tighter each time and kiss  her a little longer!


and her pain is  yours, and her joy is yours too. she’ll never know how to be alone, because she’ll always have you! and you’ll always have her!

she will know nothing less than UNCONDITIONAL LOVE!




I grabbed that dagger and pulled it out, 
Blood gushed out. 
I didn’t die, 
I survived! 
And then I met her! 
It started as ‘fake it till you make it’ 
Then it became her! 
I’m still trying to adjust to her ways 
Her speech, 
Her laugh, 
Her lifestyle, 
Her new ways. 
She constantly, constantly surprises me

Help, this dagger to her heart!

And… she tells herself everything will be okay, and for sure it will. and she takes some time to sort herself out and she realizes her heart is in the same place it was, and her mind is fighting to move on, and her body is ready to make the necessary changes. she is hindering her own damn progress.

she so desperately seeks to find a permanent solution to her current problem.

Is there a day that can go by without thinking about her, is there just one dream, just one that can be about anyone else but her or her as a character. is this her reality, stuck in past. the past stuck in her head. 

“it took a while to get her in there, but can we get her out like right now?” she says. you can tell shes exhausted, she has no energy to fight.

“so how do i stare into the sunshine or the moonlight and not see you anymore”, she says in despair. she so desperately needs redemption!

so this dagger to her heart!

Is there a  way to permanently erase memories of a certain someone from the heart and mind????????..